According to Raialyoum, a group of researchers from the British University of Surrey described a simple but effective method of weight loss for those who want to get rid of the excess without calorie counting or giving up their favorite food.

The 90 Minutes Method proposes eating breakfast an hour and a half later than usual and dinner 90 minutes earlier. Scientists discovered that anyone who follows this rule should be able to lose weight. At the same time, kom_86773 there is no reason to restrict your normal diet to a diet or to count calories.

The researchers conducted an experiment in which participants were asked to eat at a specific time for ten weeks before being divided into two groups. The first group altered their meal times, eating breakfast 90 minutes later and dinner 90 minutes earlier, while the second group maintained their regular schedule.

In the end, people in the group that changed their meal times lost half as much weight and ate half as much as those who stuck to their usual routine, despite the fact that participants in both groups were completely free to choose their food and the amount they ate.

This method assisted in reducing appetite and snacking, particularly in the evening. It is also noted that it is simple to use in everyday situations.

Previously, an Australian coach revealed the most common weight-loss mistakes. She explained that many people choose the wrong type of cardio workout when trying to lose weight. She claims that jogging, stair walking, and crossfit are ineffective at losing weight.

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