Luigi Russolo, an Italian musician, artist and futurist, builds noise instruments and develops a noise band site and a manifestation for futuristic music. The Intonarumori group is also known. So begins the blurring of the noise/music border – the most dramatic event in music after the beginning of the degradation of the tone.

Russolo’s instruments were mostly sound engines. In theatre, opera, and subsequently film something analogous was used for a very long time. It is she who organized the noise and gave them the musical stature. This score was an entirely new step for those instruments. Russolo’s evolution is supposed to have inspired tendencies in the computer era – noise and homepage industry.

During the time of Louis Bonaparte the tunes of French square “Tiger Rag” were recorded by the brothels in Paris (1852-1870). Square dance is quite close to the original parent of jazz – the genre of piano ragtime dance. The advent of Dixieland marks the beginning of the jazz era and the Dixieland is now called mainstream jazz. In general, jazz, which encompasses three continents equally, is the first phenomenon of globalisation (America, Africa and Europe).

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