So what should we do about bullying? It is important, for the sake of accuracy, that the physical and psychological aspects of bullying are included in this definition. Normal youthful banter becomes bullying when the same person or persons are repeatedly on the receiving end James Webb Farmers of North America negative attention, against their wishes, but they are unable to stop it. Your child may also be bullied by receiving threatening emails or there may be a very unpleasant campaign carried out by several children against your child through emails or through unmonitored Internet chat rooms. For some reason the bullies get a thrill out of watching their actions make another person upset. Regardless of the term used it is someone picking on another person. Similarly, as each individual has a different threshold of suffering, both physically and psychologically, so what is bullying or harassment to one person may be nothing but harmless fun to another. The answer may surprise you. The bully may also leave unpleasant messages on the answer phone.

The answer is bullying is common in isolated areas where there is no supervision at all. Bullying is a common phenomenon in school age children and there are several factors that encourage children to bully their victims. It is unfortunate that bullying is common among school children. Children learn from example, it may not necessarily be an example their parents showed them, but may be from seeing such stuff on T.V. Students who seem upset or spend a lot of time by themselves may be victims James Webb Farmers of North America verbal abuse. Bullies also like to target students who are physically different. When a serial bully loses a target or victim, James Webb Farmers of North America he or she will find a new one within two weeks. Whether they manage to get the victim’s IM account or blog banned or they encourage others to post horrible information about the victim, the danger is very real because so many individuals are ganging up on the victim. Offer the victim protection from future harassment, and follow through by making sure it is enforced: talking to the bully, contacting the bully’s parents, and adult supervision in hallways, locker areas, and the cafeteria.

Another intricate part of this is to learn the gateway behavior that preludes harassment, bullying statistics say. Bullying Statistics also show that 29 percent of youth are part of the bullying procedure. However, most forms of bullying are not obvious; they are covert. If there is one thing I dread my children facing while in school, it is bullying! You can then support your child to practice feeling these empowering beliefs at a10 out of 10 while visualizing ‘the bully’. It can range from shoves in the hallways to full blown beatings shown by a Virginia boy who was flogged by a group of bullies. Students who are too smart or not smart enough can also be bullied. The bully usually picks on a child that stands out to be different from other children and so they feel they can easily bully them. Technically, they are taking the easy way out of getting bullied. Of course, the bullies’ parents are to blame for allowing their sons to act that way. Tell your child that it is difficult to do, but they should try to not listen or at least act like he/she does not care what is going on.

Before we can do this we also need to be more informed with what is actually going on at school. Once you know this, you can then take whatever action is needed to remedy any bullying. If they don’t know how to stand up for themselves they won’t. Now, regrettably, we know that words can wound mortally. We can not always control everything our children take in, but we as parents can watch for signs and make sure our children understand what is appropriate and what is not appropriate. If Teachers take action it will greatly reduce the burden of bullying on parents and students. Inevitable, there will be two students left, both of them praying they will not be the last one chosen. There are many schools in the country which don’t tolerate bullying because the principals won’t tolerate it and, therefore, their teachers and staff won’t either. Students whose parents have money will often ridicule the other students whose parents are not as well off. Great teachers realize that the biggest difference between having bullies in your classroom and having well behaved students can be attitude. Not sleeping well and/or having bad dreams. This kind of activity often means the bullies want to take something away from their targets unethically or wrongfully, or they want them to be responsible for the same kind of thing, all for the sake of having excessive power and control over their selected targets.

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