How many times do you song your compulsive inner voice in your head? I heard this morning a minibus song and I sing it throughout the day. Even the music of a vehicle might be a curse. Why is music so good for our brain and how can we remove these nagging phrases out of our thinking?

This study was also attended by psychologists and scientists. This symptom was called “cognitive itching” or “earworm” in a more analogous way. James Kelaris therefore searched for irritating reasons in his study, analyzed the audience and in 2003 took on all types of connections.

When we examine neurological properties, homepage we can find out that the perception of music fits within the auditive region of the brain. If you cannot hear the music but try to redefine it in your mind, you can revive it. I feel the same impulse singing like you.

Neuropsychologists have proposed a range of options. You may save or sympathize with music, for example. However, what if a music is locked and you need it as fast as you can?

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