The anthropologist Rouge wrote about babing: “When included in the process, the erasure of his own personality occurs to some extent, so that each of the participants begins to feel like one whole with the group of singers.”

The role of music as glue for society can be traced through the example of songs sung by slaves at work, as well as the choral songs of soldiers and the songs of sailors. It seems that music really brings people together, makes them closer to each other.

Music, apparently, is at the very foundation of our relationship with the world, and there is a deep meaning in the fact that, by plucking our heart strings, it helps us establish emotional contact with other people and with everything in general.

Each culture can build on this rudimentary instinct in its own way, creating its own lexicon of musical chords and motives that will become associated with certain feelings and emotions.

Whatever the genesis and original purpose of music, modern people can no longer associate it with important events in their own lives.

Our current existence on Earth – from conception, gestation, birth to funeral, with everything that can happen in between – is accompanied by a certain musical line.

And it is not surprising, therefore, that the sounds of your favorite tunes are able to give us such a heady cocktail of emotions and memories.

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