I really like these shirts. I bought two in bright colors to help avoid being run over by cars on my morning runs (it doesn’t help, but that’s not the shirts’ fault). They are extremely light and breathable, so good for midday runs even in the summer. I find I can wear them a few times before washing without them smelling as long as I hang them up after each run. As a result I rarely wear any of my other shirts for running now. I bought medium and the fit is perfect (5’10 165). In a fun coincidence the two colors I bought (bright green and bright blue) perfectly match the two pairs of running shoes I’m rotating currently. So now I’m comfortably dressed and nicely color coordinated for the full package.

These are fantastic! I am in the processing of losing weight and didn’t want to spend a fortune on workout clothes. I am extremely pleased with the quality and fit. They are very comparable to the expensive brands. I would recommend. I have also bought several other colors. I not only wear them to workout but to run errands in the hot weather and they look great. No fading or shrinking and I wash them regularly and dry them in the dryer. Not one problem with these shirts.

the fabric light but not clingy/silk-weight – nor is it the heavier ‘wicking’ material found in cheap authentic nba jerseys sportswear. Material has the fit and feel of the expensive brands with a reasonable price!

These shirts are perfect for working out, serious hiking, and complimenting your body. They are on par with under armour but half the price. I own about a dozen of these shirts.

As far as pilling goes, you can’t wash these types of shirt with cotton clothing as a genera rule. I don’t care what brand it is, eventually a button on a pair of jeans or something is gonna be too abrasive when in the washing machine and mess up your quick dry polyester work out shirts.

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