On the RTVI channel on October 13, 2021, a musician called Yuri Malikov appeared as a guest on the most current Legend show. The founder of VIA “Samotsvety” disclosed facts about his friendships with Vladimir Vinokur and Alla Pugacheva in an interview.

– I wanted someone who was well-traveled and had a wonderful sense of humour,’ Malikov said of Vinokur. – As a consequence, despite the fact that singing Vinokura in VIA at the time wasn’t exactly right, Volodya approached our group and began to bend his desired line. Then we started coming up with numbers.

We were then summoned to some sort of chef’s performance, and I tried to let Volodya loose with this number just as we were wrapping up his amusing tune. The audience applauds as we sing, and the concert goes off without a hitch. Vinokur appears as though from nowhere. He’s not just amusing, but also totally oblivious. It was really amusing! He had no idea how he had gotten himself into this situation. After concluding the song, he was summoned for an encore. We were completely unaware of what had happened. He was astounded at how well he replicated what turned out to be a “parody” genre. When they found a space for him in the play, he nearly burst into tears of joy.

After that, he stayed with us for over three years, during which time we created new characters. Then he built his own theater, and believe me when I say it’s not your average theater. Vinokur, a humourist, was also born in “Gems.”

Pugacheva used to work for the “Merry Boys,” according to Yuri Malikov.

– Prior painting the “Merry Fellows,” the artist claims to have known Slava Dobrynin and his wife. And, in my perspective, they had a little flat on Gorky Street where we met in 1975: Ira, Slava, myself, Lyusya, and Alla. They hummed, drank, and sung along all night. She wasn’t yet Pugacheva; she was just a regular person, not a historical figure.

Alla was a kind person. Then she recalled something she’d spoken about it someplace.

According to Yuri Malikov, Sergei Lapin [chief of the Soviet Union’s State Radio and Television – ed.] declined to make “My Address Is the Soviet Union”:

“He did not forbid, he questioned,” Malikov said. – As a consequence, they informed me that I had not discussed anything with him. They informed me that Sergei Georgievich Lapin had asked for the music to be altered so that it could be used as a poster. Of course, we performed it and taught how to do it, but we did so in a way that made it feel old, romantic, and delicate. “My address, which is neither a home nor a street,” he continued, “shall be constructed as the cornerstone of the country in this song,” and we sang it with vigor.

In an interview, Malikov chastised women who spoke out about harassment.

– It’s a pity,’ the musician continues. – As a consequence, keep in mind, keep in mind, keep in mind, keep in mind, keep in mind, keep in mind, keep in mind, keep in mind, keep in mind, blogfreely.net keep in mind, keep in mind, keep in mind, keep in mind, keep in mind, keep in mind, keep in mind, keep in mind, keep in mind, keep in mind, keep in mind, Everything must be completed within a reasonable amount of time. So, who’s going to put it on display? This is a scenario that is ethically repugnant. This lady is being impolite by reminiscing about incidents that occurred 50 years ago. Every individual will face challenges in life; nevertheless, the issue must be addressed as soon as feasible. Now, if someone has insulted you, please let me know; if something has occurred to you, please let me know; and if something has happened to you, you must be punished. These are, however, exaggerations.

The artist also mentions Dana Milokhin and Monetochka.

– Danya Milokhin caught my eye. So, who is he, exactly? It’s most likely from a group of VIA students between the ages of 15 and 20 who used to listen to rock music. Their audience will expand, and, in my opinion, they will be remembered sarcastically, – stated Yuri Malikov. – Here, they’re all the same to me. People who aren’t interested in staying in the pop music genre for a long time or who aren’t interested in staying in the pop music genre for a long time. Coin has arrived and is making his way out of the building.

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