The paleo diet is a lifestyle, not a regular weight loss diet. First of all, it is suitable for those who do not want to count calories – the ratio of BJU on paleo resembles a ketone diet. In other words, weight loss is observed by restricting carbohydrates.

Since the paleo diet prohibits the use of cereals and even pseudo-cereals (admitting buckwheat and quinoa rather as exceptions), the ratio of carbohydrates in such a diet shifts to fiber. This, in turn, webpage is suitable for those looking to lower their cholesterol or comment-2568275 blood sugar levels.

The paleo diet is a diet that involves the abandonment of modern industrial food and the transition to foods that people ate in ancient times. The name refers to the Paleolithic period, which lasted 2.5 million years and ended about 15 thousand years ago.

The authors of the diet argue that for 50 thousand years, the human body has practically not changed – in contrast to the diet. The “caveman” diet allows for the consumption of fish, poultry and meat (preferably grass-fed), eggs, vegetables, fruits, mushrooms and nuts.

Cereals (especially wheat flour and flour products), legumes (including lentils and soybeans), website sugar, milk, dairy products and processed vegetable oils are completely excluded. In addition, sweets and convenience foods are banned.

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