Whether you need more time to get things done or simply want to enjoy more free time, Seacoast Laundry is here to offer you an easy and affordable way to free up the hours you would normally commit to doing laundry each week. Discover the advantages of wash & fold so you can have more time to do the things you love. 

How It Works

Sign Up

Register your info and we will contact you directly to schedule a convenient time to pickup your laundry.

Fill Laundry Bag

We will give you a free reusable Seacoast laundry bag at your first pickup to use each time we pick up your laundry. That's all you have to do, it's that simple! Our reusable laundry bags are big enough to hold multiple loads of laundry (about 29lbs.) We'll clean whatever washable everyday items you can fit into your bag for a flat rate of $30. No weight limit!

Simple. Convenient. Superior Cleaning. Expert Folding.

Our professional washers and dryers get your clothes cleaner and are also gentler on fabrics. We separate your darks and lights to keep your colors bright and fresh. Your clothes will be crisp and ready to wear with professional folding and protective wrap.


Unlike pricing at other stores, we keep it simple. There’s no need to worry about what your laundry weighs. With Seacoast Laundry, you’ll know exactly what your bill will be upfront. Flat rate of $30 regardless of weight. Typically, works to $1.20/lb. FREE PICKUP/DELIVERY.

Wash and Fold Pricing

$ 30
  • Whether your laundry is all socks and sheets or a mix of towels, turtlenecks, and t-shirts, we charge a flat rate of $30 per bag (about 29lbs) for our wash & fold service.


Our team is made up of laundry professionals who know how to care for your clothing. We can take care of more than just your clothes. We also understand how to care for linens and general housewares such as towels, blankets, sheets, bedding, and much more. In short, we care for your items and look after each and every piece as if it were our own. We also understand that we’re all busy these days, and convenience is important, which is why we’ll get your clothes back to you within 48-hours!

Our Process Is Simple

Step One:

Schedule a Laundry Pick Up. We will contact you directly to schedule a convenient time to pick up your laundry. We give you a free Seacoast reusable laundry bag.

Step Two:

Fill your Seacoast laundry bag with your dirty laundry and anything that you would like us to wash. We'll clean whatever washable everyday items you can fit into your bag.

Step Three:

We will wash, dry, hang, steam, iron or do whatever is specified in your instructions.

Step Four:

Clean laundry is returned back to you, folded, and ready to be put in your drawers or closet.

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