Posts that have more likes and comments will boost visibility as well as engagement. This tip actually helps boost engagement across most social media networks, it’s not just for LinkedIn. To help further boost engagement, use a video that already has captions edited in so that other users can see what is happening in the video without using the sound. Do you still use business cards? At the same time, writing shorter, text-only posts will save you time as well while still boosting that engagement factor. With Guru, you can discover an incredible number of leads in a short period of time. They are 100% detectable and will lead to account closure every time. The process of curating an accurate and hyper-focused lead list is foreign to many of our clients, but this is such an integral part of outbound marketing. The worst part is, they may not even realize it. Sure, this may seem self-gratifying, but the like button is there for a reason on your own posts. Click the “Change” link and then select the radio button for “Make my public profile visible to everyone”. Click that like button on your own posts to help increase engagement. Click “Change” on the “Followers” option under “Blocking and Hiding” and then select “Everyone on LinkedIn” from the drop-down list to make your posts public.

If you are on LinkedIn mobile, then click the “See More” option in the activity section. LinkedIn prefers this type of content that doesn’t encourage users to click off of the network, and therefore will show these types of posts more often than others. Click the “Me” icon at the top of your Linkedin Leads homepage, then click “Settings & Privacy,” and then navigate to the “Privacy” tab. As a B2B marketer creating content, LinkedIn is the place to be. Your company’s audience is on LinkedIn waiting to consume your content, we’ll help you find them and deliver that message. How you segment your LinkedIn leads is predominantly based on your target audience. Monitoring which posts do better with your audience will help you understand how to continue posting the types of updates that your audience engages with the most. Text-only posts on LinkedIn perform much better and get more engagement than other types of updates including video in addition to pictures.

While many platforms ask advertisers to choose an ad format (text, image, video, etc.) before identifying an objective, some (including LinkedIn) are flipping the entire campaign setup experience with objective-based advertising. We have tools to build a lead list completely unique to your business with a variety of parameters including geographical area, company size, company revenue, employee count, years in business and more. However, if you’re relying on them heavily without running other lead generation marketing campaigns, you do so “at your peril,” says Lee McKnight, a new business specialist for agencies at RSW/US. The only catch is that you need to be a first-degree connection to the profile you’re looking at to access their ‘People Also Viewed’. The ability to change posts to public status is a relatively new feature on LinkedIn; it just became available in July of 2017. Now, anyone looking at your profile can see your public updates even if you aren’t connected.

Completely unique in its ability to target specific audiences, positions and industries. We can target the top decision-makers at companies your business desires to work with, as well as decision makers of current leads. The demographic breakdown of LinkedIn is nearly 45% senior-level decision makers, logging into the platform daily. Also, from lead generation tools like AeroLeads, Zoominfo, LinkedIn Sales Navigator that help us fetch relevant and accurate leads. Note that groups are good for building awareness, but are not effective when it comes to lead generation. Recent research suggests that when it comes to lead generation marketing many marketing agencies engage in some risky behavior. Social media platforms that were built with friends, family, and academic connections in mind at the outset-only to add business marketing features after the platform became popular-can’t compete with LinkedIn when it comes to having the culture, architecture, and features that put business needs at the forefront. We’ve put together a replicable framework for using it to surface the best leads for your business. If you are searching for the contact information for local contractors as sales leads all you need to do is drive over to your local hardware store (Lowes, Home Depot or Ace) early in the morning.

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