“Part Sherlock Holmes. Part Indiana Jones. ‘Peregrine Harker and the Black Death’ was a quick, enjoyable read. I could easily see my former students or future patrons flying through this novel … A great middle-grade mystery adventure that will keep readers hooked from the start. Well done!” ‒ Librarian, UႽA

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“Thank you Luke Hollands for a great story. The pace was quick and for mystery lovers, fairly easy to see who was behind all that happened to Peregrine. Luke threw in two great twists at the end. I believe for my young boys who are reluctant readers, they will enjoy the story and pace of it. I will be purchasing this for my middle school library” – Teacher, UЅΑ

* *

“I am so excited to discover an adventure book with a boy for the narrator. Peregrine is such a great character and one I think middle grade students (especially boys) will fall in love with. The story is highly imaginative and original, and I love how the plot was fast paced.” ‒ Ƭhe Hopeful Heroine Blog

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Peregrine Harker & Τhe Black Death: “Such a great fast paced book… FUN FUN read!!!” ‒ Librarian, USA

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“One hell of a lot of fun! Readers of all ages will gobble up this non-stop rip roaring adventure – don’t miss this one!” – Teacher, USA

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