The court made clear that the audit will continue. Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Timothy Thomason ruled that state senate issued subpoenas were valid, which allowed the audit to go forward. Arizona state Sen. Paul Boyer (R) apparently has regrets about backing his fellow GOP senators’ push for a shady audit of Maricopa County’s 2020 election ballots to boost ex-President Donald Trump and his allies’ bogus conspiracy theories about voter fraud. Joe Biden has for long claimed that Russia is trying to meddle in the US election and is trying to secure a win for Donald Trump. The ongoing election audit in Arizona has led to increased calls for similar efforts elsewhere. As the Arizona situation unfolds, calls for a similar effort in Pennsylvania have been growing louder. 24-0! That is quite a statement that reflects our desire to have accurate elections. Last year, DHS designated elections as “critical infrastructure.” States may or may not appreciate this new designation: Some consider it a federal usurpation of state responsibilities. A voter may also be designated as inactive if they do not vote for six consecutive years. If the poll book indicates that a voter already received an absentee ballot and the voter shows up at the polls wanting to vote, he or she would be the asked to vote a provisional ballot.

A Georgia judge decided Friday to unseal nearly 150,000 absentee ballots in Fulton County, the state’s most populous county, so that prosecutors could look for proof of suspected voter fraud. Another bill before the committee would remove a voters’ party affiliation from the return envelopes for absentee ballots. Republicans’ point person on election legislation in the state House released a report last month outlining potential changes for a systematic overhaul of the election code, and GOP lawmakers expect to introduce a bill this month. We are pacing to be short by about $3700 per month in order to maintain operations. Both local and national media continue to report that Trump’s claims of widespread voter fraud resulting in a declared win for Joe Biden are “baseless” without conducting their own investigations to arrive at the truth. Mastriano told a pool reporter that he supports Pennsylvania conducting an audit like the Arizona one. But State Sen. Dave Argall, chairman of the Senate State Government Committee, told the Associated Press Thursday that he’s open to some kind of audit.

Kauffman told The Epoch Times before the tour that he wanted to see firsthand how the audit was being run. As The Post & Email has pointed out, a difference of approximately 26 million votes was reported by The New York Times in the 2020 presidential Election Audit over that of 2016, with no explanation for the historically unprecedented increase in voter participation. The following story is an alleged copy of an email. On Friday afternoon, The Post & Email contacted the Harrisburg office of Pennsylvania Senate Pro Tempore Jake Corman, mentioned in Trump’s statement and an early proponent of an election audit, to ask if he and his colleagues had arrived at a decision as to whether or not a forensic audit will take place. The state is currently in the process of an Arizona Senate approved audit that is taking place after a judge ruled that all ballots must be turned over. Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, a Democrat, election audit also recently urged local officials not to reuse any election equipment that Cyber Ninjas had used, saying the integrity of the machines had been compromised.

Computer systems of global corporations as big as Sony and as focused as the US Department of Homeland Security have been compromised. Republicans control the Arizona Senate; Democrats have largely opposed the audit, arguing that voter information could be at risk of being compromised. Republicans are citing the need to look forward in arguing that a Jan. 6 commission either isn’t necessary or isn’t wise. Daniels – a Purple Heart Afghanistan veteran who narrowly lost in 2020 – then called out weak Republicans for their failure to stand up. “It’s rather odd that we are constantly reassured that every aspect of the 2020 election was entirely safe, secure and kosher, and yet the ongoing election audit process in Arizona’s Maricopa County seems to have been marred with confounding setbacks at every turn,” begins one such article published by The Western Journal. Arizona Audit of 2020 Election After Panicking Dems File Emergency Motion | Trending PoliticsOn Thursday, Democrats proved they absolutely have something to hide with the 2020 election results in Arizona. In an MSNBC interview last week, Hobbs utilized “the big lie” lingo that Democrats and GOP Rep. If you were part of the deranged anti-Trump “resistance” – weeping uncontrollably on Election Night 2016 in despondent disbelief that Hillary Clinton had lost, then marching in the streets to protest against Orange Man Bad – MSNBC was like a televised group therapy session for you the past four years.

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